Design Guidelines for Address Labels

It is essential to consider the following guidelines when uploading your design:


Bleed Area: 0.125″
To ensure your Address label background color or pattern remains consistent without any white borders, it’s recommended to extend it slightly beyond the actual size of the label’s. This precaution will help to offset any misaligned cutting during the production process.
Actual Size: 1″x 2.75″
As the name suggests, this is where we trim your address label. We take great care to ensure that all your address labels are even and symmetrical, but please refer to the guidelines on the safe printing area.
Safe Printing Area: 0.25″
It is likely that any crucial text or design components are contained within this space, which is only slightly smaller than the physical size of the address label. To ensure that no content is omitted, ensure that everything remains within this boundary.

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