Letterhead Product Page

  • Bleed Size – 8.38″x11.81″ 313x 300mm
  • Final Size – 8.3″x11.7″ 210x 297mm
  • Safety Area – 8.15″x11.6″ 207x 294mm

Use the bleed size of your design to avoid white edges.

Keep images and text within the safety area.

Prepare your print-ready file

One pack, 50 Letterheads designs

Unique to MOO, Printfinity lets you print a different design (up to 50) on the back of every personalized Letterhead at no extra cost.

Create a suite of business stationery

Add Letterhead to your stationery suite and leave your mark on every invoice, letter, contract and memo you send.

Short print runs

We offer print runs of just 50 Letterheads – print however much you need as you need it.

Double-sided color

Want to print in color on both sides of your company Letterhead? No problem. We’ll do it at no extra charge.

FAQs - Frequently Asked Questions

A: You can start customizing or designing the letterhead by choosing the pre-designed templates. Add details like your company name, correspondence details and the design/logo you wish to display. Ensure the font size are big enough to be visible, and the colours are in contrast. You can also upload your complete design but make sure the resolution is high.

A: We use a 213 x 300 mm dimensional paper with 120gsm thickness.

A: Acid free paper are neutral alkaline paper, which provides better paper strength, high brightness and opacity, high endurance and adaptability, unable to turn yellow and be prone to conserve.

A: You can order as low as 10 Qty to check the quality and just repeat your order once you are happy with the outcome.

A:Yes, we offer a PDF proof feature that lets you see how your personalized letterheads will look when they’re printed. This lets you check for any errors before you complete your order. On the design page click the “Proof” button on the top menu.

A:Yes, we do provide matching envelops just to go along with your letterheads. Please check out the envelopes section for the same.

A: Our design tool can let you import as many digital pictures as you want on the tool to help you personalise your prints the best way. You can choose JPEG, PNG and BMP photo files of up to 25MB to work with.